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Tapestry of Life


I am "spider woman" of Indian lore,

Compelled to leave the threads of my life

Together in a tapestry of truthful light.

Taking inventory is a vast thoughtful process.

I weave magical moments in mauve and lilac

Some touched with the splendor of vanilla cream

Colors bold and strong then come into view

Firestorms of orange appear to interrupt and overwhelm.

They are the envitable melodrama of death and disease.

Churning emotional anguish that weakens the spirit

Shows up in desolate shades of numbing indigo.

There are also dangling ends of unfinished business

Triumphant events are embellished with golden threads

Silvery textures of love are interwoven throughout.

This tapestry slowly reveals grateful threads of comfort.

Emotions fluctuate while I record these events. 

The moments, days, years are accelerating

As I complete this Tapestry of my life


Joyce Kassanonkwas Sundheim


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