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Poetic Paintings




Travel with me as you read my poems and view my paintings on my journeys around the world. This compilation began at age eight when I penned about the tall, lovely hollyhock flowers my mother grew in one of her gardens.


Many poems were written when I became a young woman struggling with four children under six years of age. I worked in journalism as a newspaper reporter, then as a copywriter with two advertising agencies, which encouraged me in this endeavor as well.


I learned to paint using acrylic and oil pigments after I had a heart attack much later in life. This occurred quite unexpectedly, just like the heart problem-- a lesson in my daughter's backyard in Oregon while on vacation. Easels were set up in her backyard, and her partner, Maureen Campbell, was our instructor. This journey began 10 years ago when I used plywood pieces in my first canvases. Mostly self-taught, I joined Life Enrichment Center for the Arts in Tampa a few years ago and enjoy painting with other adults in "open studio."


I joined a Creative Writing class, which inspired me to ultimately publish three non-fiction books under the tutelage of John Chaplick, overseer of our group, who is a notable author himself. I published my first of three non-fiction books at the age of 85.


Many thank you notices go out to these folks: Arlene Mariotti, S.K. Neal, David Beebe, Patricia Beebe, Tim Gibbons, . Dr. Dr. Doc Thayer, Barbara Stockford, Laura stockford, Greg Stockford, Donna Stockford, Maureen Campbell, Debbie Burke, and my compadres in our creative writing class. All of you kept me skipping, hopping and jumping on the bandwagon to hurry up and finish this work. Which is more like play time.


Joyce Kassanonkwas Newell Sundheim 2023

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