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Escape to Alaska

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Enjoy 84 color photos as you travel with a retired couple on a marvelous 15,770 -mile trip from Florida to Alaska in an aging truck. They drive through the USA, Canada, and the Yukon Territory on their way to Alaska.


Memorable bumps along the Alcan Highway while dodging potholes, bears, bighorn sheep, and moose await the reader.

Meet a quirky Swiss goat herder and his goats and take a flight from Talkeetna: land on Ruth Glacier to view the great Denali up close, the highlight of their journey. Follow them through spectacular mountain ranges, along the Alaska Highway from Dawson Creek to Skagway and from Fairbanks to Chicken, Alaska.

Take a ferry on the Alaska Marine Highway to explore the Russian influenced Sitka. Experience their excursions on the Chena River to a replicated native Athabascan village, meet a group of Japanese ensigns on shore leave in Anchorage and observe numerous glaciers in national parks along the way in Canada, USA, and Alaska.

Learn the history of places such as Dawson Creek, Whitehorse, in the Yukon Territory and Fairbanks, Alaska.

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